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Ode to My Mother - by Gaylyn Henderson

Loving a Special Child

God said, I'll make her different, but I'm trusting her with you, Because to love a special child, you have to be special too.

She won't be like the others, she'll be very special indeed, but I'm 100% certain you will be exactly what she'll need.

There'll be times your faith will be put to the ultimate test. But that's exactly why I chose you as her Mom above all the rest.

Your patience last a lifetime,

Your love is unconditional;

and Your heart is pure and kind.

Your grace does not boast,

Your prayers are unrelenting;

and Your strength surpasses most.

All these things you'll have to show to teach her how to live, this special life I've given her your example is the biggest gift to give.

With many ups and downs a special life is specially tough,

But the love you give and the love you show will be more than enough.

Trust me Mom when I say, you are all that I needed to see,

to fulfill the purpose God has,

You are all that I need you to be.

Thank You Mom for everything and loving someone like me.

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