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Patient Education Support Program


Do you want to learn more about ostomy, connect with health care professionals, meet others living with and around chronic illness and/or an ostomy AND have fun? Now is your chance!


Join us come out relax have FUN and play games, because you are FEARLESS, and build a FELLOWSHIP with those living with and around IBD, ostomy, and chronic illness!

Resolution 101: Have Fun! 


Having a chronic illness sucks. Point. Blank. Period. It is hard to have fun when you are in physical pain. Our circumstances may not be ideal or conducive for "fun". So sometimes you have to create your own.


This year, let's try to make each day the best day of our live's! No matter what it may look like to someone else. Life goes on whether you are enjoying it or not. So you might as well try to have fun! 


Resolution 102: Be FEARLESS!


For me, this is a constant struggle. Living in fear of what can happen because of what has happened has the ability to paralyze you. I am in constant fear of becoming as sick as I once was. I try to do everything in my power to prevent another surgery, hospitalization, or even an ER visit  but fail to fully realize I have no real control over it in the first place, it is exhausting. It makes me sick worrying about being sick.As my sister recently told me, what you have to realize is that your past circumstances have fully equipped you to conquer what you fear the most. IF your worst case scenario situation happens again you now have the skills and abilities to know what you need to do!


Resolution 103: Build a FELLOWSHIP!


There is an importance to building a fellowship of those that can relate to what you are going through. It is imperative to know you are not alone. You may not go through the exact same circumstances, you may not have the same diagnosis, but chances are you have similar experiences and can relate more than you realize. You need to know that what you are going through you will get through. It is far better to have someone pulling you out from the other side to let you know you will make it through then to be sitting alone on the other.



Past Events :

Who: Those living with and around chronic illness

Where: RSVP

When: Sunday, December 18

Time: 3p - 5pm


Who: Those living with and around chronic illness
Where: Top Golf
When: Saturday, August 27
Time: 11a - 2pm

Who: Those living with and around chronic illness
Where: Piedmont Park
When: Sunday, January 31
Time: 11a - 2pm


Who: Those living with and around chronic illness

Where: Ormsby's, 1170 Howel Mill Road, Atlanta, Ga 30318

When: Sunday, January 31

Time: 12p - 3pm

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