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The Daily Mail- Crohn's disease sufferer who had to have her colon removed proudly shows off her ostomy bag while recreating Beyonce's 7/11 music video

November 12, 2015


The Atlanta, Georgia native, who blogs about her illness under the name Gutless and Glamorous, told The Mighty that having her colon removed was 'the best thing that ever happened' to her.



#29 Times #BlackGirlMagic Was More Than Just A Hashtag In 2015


December 13, 2015


25. When Gaylyn Henderson, founder of Gutless and Glamorous, fought the stigma of having Crohn’s disease and remade Bey’s “7/11” video wearing her ileostomy bag.







The Mighty- Woman Recreates Beyonce Music Video to Show Off Her Ostomy Bag


November 11, 2015


To promote self-love for people who use ostomy bags, Henderson recently released a recreation of Beyonce’s “7/11” music video, where she proudly exposes her ileostomy bag.

















Everyday Health- Fashion RX: 8 Women Share Their Feel-Good Style Secrets


February 17, 2015


Fashion is a means of personal and artistic expression, but it’s much more than that for these eight remarkable women: It’s a way of defying their diagnoses, of proudly showing that their medical conditions don’t define who they are or what they wear. 





BlackDoctor.Org- My Story: "My New Body Saved My Life


March 24, 2015


The ‘My Story’ series features real stories of health triumphs written by and about our readers.





Buzzfeed Life- 21 Things Only People Living with a Health Problem Know


July 7, 2015


Being sick is hard. But it's not impossible. 

Everyday Health Guest Contributor- Creating your own Crohn's Disease Support Network


May 21, 2014


If you have Crohn's disease, both the physical and emotional tolls can be overwhelming. A good support network can help keep your spirits up and your Crohn's in check.

EveryDay Health Guest Contributor- Once I Let Go of My Colon, I Could Finally Take a Giant Bite out of Life


March 3, 2014


Gaylyn Henderson suffered from severe Crohn's Disease to the point that her life had to be put on hold. Then she had her colon removed.






*The articles listed were prepared or accomplished by Founder, Gaylyn Henderson in her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in the following articles are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the Department of Health and Human Services, or the United States Government

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