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Inspiration through Nutrition




"Cindi is a stay-at-home mom and IBD caregiver to her wonderful 8-year-old daughter.  She started her blog, Fighting Flare, in an effort to share her family's experiences with IBD and to create awareness about the 


Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which her family follows to manage her daughter's IBD symptoms.  Cindi spends more time thinking about food than she cares to admit, but is very proud of the fact that through diet, she believes she has helped her daughter sustain remission for an extended period of time.   When she's not thinking about food, blogging about food, reading about food or actually making food, Cindi can be found shopping in thrift stores, camping in her camper van or drinking more than her fair share of red wine. "  

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Follow Cindi's Journey

"I couldn't believe that my daughter's strong, healthy body had turned on itself and was now attacking her from within.  She was bleeding, in pain, anemic, losing weight and missing weeks of school.   My sweet little girl, who up until that point rarely even had sniffles, was suddenly facing an uncertain future and a lifetime of health problems.  How did this happen? As disbelief gave way to sadness I wondered about her future.  Would she always be this sick?  How would her disease progress?  What did the future hold for her? I also questioned myself.  Everything you think you know about yourself as a parent changes when your child gets sick.  Did I do something to cause this?  Could I have done something to prevent it?  Were there earlier signs?  Is this my fault?"


Read Cindi's Full Story here.


*Disclaimer- Gutless and Glamorous does not promote a cure through any type of diet regime. We as a community know that every one is different and what works for some may not necessarily work for someone else. 

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